Why Does an Engine Need to be Balanced? Balancing of both rotating and reciprocating components adds longevity, power, and smoothness to the engine. Unbalance in a rotating crankshaft creates forces that can produce unwanted vibrations. An engine with harsh vibrations can effectively decrease performance and absorb energy attributing to power outputs. Vibrations can also cause excessive wear in bearings.

The Legend Series Hines Engine Balancing Machine features many new enhancements to improve the precision and efficiency of your engine and crankshaft balancing operations. The Legend Series balancers utilize a rugged hard-bearing suspension that gives high sensitivity and permanent calibration. Part set ups are menu driven, allowing us to quickly change between single-plane and two-plane balance operations. With the addition of the drill, on-machine corrections are fast, accurate and easy. The balancer will calculate amount, angle and multiple-hole corrections. The Legend Series provides the latest in technology available today for engine balancing in the racing industry.

At the heart of a Hines balancing machine is a computer that features a dedicated microprocessor and state-of-the-art software to analyse unbalance data. This provides for high accuracy, sensitivity, and repeatability.