Our Rottler SGF8 handles many cylinder head machining operations such as multi-angle valve seat cutting, boring out valve seat inserts for oversize valve seats, reaming valve guides and boring/reaming for oversize valve guides, spring seat and valve guide machining, drilling and thread tapping, removing broken bolts and thread repairs, with the best surface finishes and concentricity.

We also use our Serdi100 multi angle valve seat machine which has the most advanced technology for the machining of valve seats. Multi angle fixed cutters allow us to customize the best possible valve seat for durability and flow characteristics for each cylinder head. This unique method uses a solid carbide straight shank pilot. When inserted into the valve guide, it simulates the real valve stem during the centering process. This guarantees the valve seat is finished within the closest tolerance for a perfect valve to seat match.

We can use this technology on petrol and diesel engines, high performance racing engines, motorcycle engines or any engine with a valve seat. The typical multi angle valve job will add Horsepower when performed correctly. We have a huge range of valve seat cutters to choose from, to optimize your valve job.

We also specialise in cylinder head assembly and modifications. Our experience and facilities will enhance performance and engines operating on alternate fuels. This service includes:

  • Cylinder head porting and flow testing
  • Machining for oversize and alternative valve springs and valve spring testing
  • Machining and upgrading heads for positive valve stem seals
  • Aluminium and cast iron welding facilities
  • Thread insert and repairs
  • Other various engineering cylinder head modifications