Here at Harris Engines we rely on two specialised machines for this process.

Firstly our Berco Boring Machine which enables us to bore the cylinders and surface machine the block face on the one set-up. This will ensure cylinder bore to block face trueness.

Cylinder sleeve fitment and machining is also one of our specialties, including the fitting of Darton Performance Sleeves.

Then our Sunnen CV-616 provides the processes which enables us to change and adjust the Crosshatch Angle and Surface Finish for each individual application. With today’s high horsepower demands, the correct cylinder finish is absolutely paramount for instant concentric ring seal. With that in mind our cylinders are finished within a super tight tolerance of 0.00025′′ or 0.000635mm.

We also keep Torque Plates for all popular race and performance street engines. Torque plates simulate the cylinder head tension, which pull the bores/block into correct operating position. This process enhances ring seal, and is a part of engine blueprinting. When you are paying so much for a set of forged pistons why settle for an average rebore?